$MTT Utility

Purchase NFTs from our Marketplace

Our platform will host its own native NFT Marketplace that allows you to spend the $MTT you earn in game or from UGC, and purchase rare NFT. The market place will be filled with unique and custom skins, weapons, upgrades and more. Endless new content, directly from our own collections and UG creators.

In addition, our NFTs will be available to trade on 3rd party NFT marketplaces with royalty right preserved for UGC assets. This opens our ability to distribute NFTs where they are needed, either conveniently on our market or one of partnered marketplaces. By integrating our NFTs on multiple platforms, we spread the reach of our NFTs as wide as possible.

Rent NFT with $MTT

If you don’t own a Metastrike NFTs, use our automated rental system to temporarily use an NFT in exchange for $MTT. This opens the player base to a much wider audience than just those with the means to purchase the NFT directly.

Renting NFTs is an easy way to bring in massive amounts of new players to increase the entire community experience. New people constantly joining and learning about the game. Increasing the player base boost the competitive aspect of the game as well, more players means an increased demand for the game and game assets

There will be several F2P options with an onboarding experience more familiar to traditional gamers. A gradual introduction of blockchain for new users and an easy onboarding into web3 gaming.

Weapon Upgrade and Rerolls

Player-created weapons will have a range of custom stats that change how it’s used. For example: accuracy, recoil, reload time, and more. As users increase stats, the others will be adjusted down, specializing in the weapon. The more the index adjustment reaches the limit, the greater the cost ($MTT) will be. To ensure game balance, prioritizing gun power depends a lot on the player's creativity, playing style, and understanding of balancing and tradeoffs.

Players can use $MTT to upgrade their guns as well. These upgrades permanently enhance the weapon, improving as you do. Take it into battle to earn more rewards or list on our marketplace to cash in for your hard work building the ultimate weapon.

If a weapon you create doesn’t have the best starting attributes, you can use a small of $MTT to ensure you have the perfect optimized tool to win (or sell later). Then upgrade the weapon to give you or the next own an edge in-game.

$MTT Staking

After the initial token launch, $MTT will be listed on decentralized exchanges for the public to trade. To incentivize liquidity providers to contribute to the liquidity pool, the MetastrikeDAO will offer them the chance to earn extra $MTT tokens when liquidity is added. A staking contract will be established to reward these providers when they deposit LP shares from the pool into the $MTT staking contract. Rewards in $MTT are distributed to LP miners based on their proportional ownership in the staking pool.

  • LP Staking - LP staking is a 2 step process. You will contribute directly to the liquidity of $MTT on a DEX, then you further secure more rewards by staking the LP tokens you received. By adding paired $MTT directly to the liquidity pool you are part of the community helping to maintain the stability of the platform. In addition, this helps ensure $MTT is available even during extensive trading sessions

  • Direct Staking - Locking $MTT in a smart contract for a set APY, without the need to add LP. Direct staking shows a strong signal by temporarily locking a portion of the circulating supply. Direct staking allows community members to show their longer term timeline for $DUELs progress as a token, and keeps a portion of the circulating supply locked, giving the token a higher likelihood of maintaining stability.

Stake for Giveaways Join a giveaway pool just for stakers. Every month we will host a special lottery from the APY rewards and transaction fees on the platform. Over XXX winners every month! You can roll over your staked $MTT at the end of staking for bonus chances to win the next lottery!

Staking Tournaments Entry

Our tournaments have already attracted hundreds of gamers to join the Metastrike community and compete for the top prize. As an alternative to a traditional entry fee for tournaments, stake $MTT as a way to access any tournament and pay no fee! Players will have access to any tournament by simply connecting the wallet used to stake $MTT. By giving players options to compete without a one time fee, stakerss never need to worry about changes in tournament fees (larger prize pools mean larger entry fees). In addition, staking rewards can be used to pay for additional prize pools! The rewards are distributed based on tournament rank and overall performance across matches.

Staking $MTT Battle Pass

Stake $MTT and as you play, earn special rewards similar for your NFT Battle Pass! Get High-level weapons, NFT skins, loot boxes, and other rewards when you hold the NFT in your staking wallet and play. These prizes and rewards are in addition to $MTT earned from staking. The longer you stake, the better the prizes. Battle pass progression will be a function of games played, number of total months staking, and amount of $MTT staked.

Creator Program Staking

Creators can stake their earned rewards for bonuses from a The Creator Staking pool will have its own allocation of $MTT reserved for the creator program, sustained by the incoming $MTT from our revenue sources mentioned above (in-game content, loot box sales, marketplace fees, etc.). Because the community is such a vital role in the UGC process, we believe dedicating a reward system to stake the earned $MTT adds both to the creators ability to monetize their time and earnings and the $MTT token secures and even greater depth of stability.

Treasury Revenue Share

As Metastrike grows and continues adding new players and features, part of the platform rewards and fees received from transactions is shared with those actively creating and playing. By aligning incentives from those creating and those playing Metastrike. The above earning models contribute to the Treasury, which has allocated percentages for the Metastrike platform. By sharing a portion back with the community, stakers, and creators, we can create a vibrant and healthy blockchain gaming hub. Allowing players to monetize their time or their contributions to the ecosystem means there is a constant feedback loop between the market/community, the developers, and UGC creators.

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