Metastrike is an immersive First-Person Shooter that allows players to actively shape every aspect of the game. User-generated content (UGC) is at the core of what makes Metastrike different. Using our AI-based tools, players will be able to monetize their creativity by building custom skins, weapons, game maps and missions.

Our UGC-powered NFTs and $MTT work together to construct the Metastrike game economy. $MTT will facilitate: weapon rentals, cosmetic purchases, weapon upgrades, attribute rerolls, and NFT Purchases. With a fully on-chain economy, players will be able to be part of the creation of the Metastrike Universe, and share in the growth of the game's ecosystem.

Metastrike will be an end-to-end mobile experience. Esports ready Gameplay and NFT creation will be available to anyone with a smartphone, unlocking an untapped market of millions gamers. While adding new content from the community, we will be expanding the entire game to new platforms and game modes for fully customized experiences.

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