A Note from the Founders

At the core of our studio's philosophy is the belief that games are for players, guiding our design to see the community as key contributors.

Even from childhood, gaming has been a constant in for our team. It has developed from a simple pastimes to a company looking too change the way games are created and improved upon. Games connected us and brought us to the creation of Metastrike. This journey from player to creator instilled in us the belief that passionate gamers have the ability to be wildly creative when making games.

Our development journey was driven by passion. Despite challenges, we’ve consulted with industry leaders in web3 like Decentraland and Sandbox to hone in our message and craft a quality community culture. However, the most valuable insights came from the gaming community, whose feedback and creativity shaped everything we do.

Launching Metastrike was a major step into merging gaming with blockchain to allow players to own their digital assets. Despite many challenges, we’ve focused on streamlining operations, embracing innovation, and deepening community engagement.

Looking ahead, we aim to enhance Metastrike with new UGC tools, expand our community, and begin the new task of fostering a quality UGC experience for our players. Our journey, marked by persistence and a community-first approach, shows we're poised to lead in the gaming industry with our partners and innovations.

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