Game Assets & User Generated Content

User generated content is continually gaining ground as one of the most popular ways for players to contribute and immerse themselves in a game. There are several ways we can facilitate UG content:

Map Creation and Monetization

While Metastrike has built in maps, data shows that ~40% of gamers interact with content created by the other players. Previously the only way to customize a game was skills in modding or development. Now companies have discovered the power of giving people the tools to create their version of a game without an extensive coding background.

We utilize our own plug and play builder that allows for customization of a new map with built in assets that can be used by anyone. But Metastrike takes this another step forward. By leveraging our AI tools, users can create maps that are completely unique. This gives players a feeling of inclusivity and accomplishment for their creation and the ability to monetize as others use the map. Metastrike is able to produce 1000s of maps made and available for players, increasing player retention with endless replayability.

Maps can be played in a randomized playlist for a new experience each time or selected as curated playlists for new sets of competitive maps made by the community! At set intervals, a new rotation of curated maps will be selected by the for the most popular custom maps!

Mission Creation

Using a custom or competitive map players can create missions, define rules, and game objectives. This gives a further customizable experience that creates fun, new, and challenging gameplay. People are tired of AAA studios pushing out clones of the same shooter. And just like maps, these missions can earn you rewards for your creation.

Custom missions in games highlight the creativity of players by allowing them to define their own objectives. Unlike traditional game reward systems, which often adhere to fixed levels and can quickly become monotonous, these customized missions enable players to allocate reward percentages based on the total available rewards for various criteria they choose.

Whether it's achieving the lowest damage level, securing the highest number of headshots, or simply gaining more experience points, this approach not only keeps the gameplay interesting but also fosters a competitive environment and increased demand for the assets that can be earned for competing orr purchased on our Marketplace

Weapon Design and Ownership

Players can design weapons as an NFT with full IP rights! Trade them on the market to earn or use them in game to get an advantage and win big! With thousands of unique guns being made, the options to collect limitless. Whether you are an aspiring esports contender or crafting the perfect weapon for others to buy; you decide how you want to get rewarded.

With the variety of stat options, different weapons will be suitable for different groups of players. While some players prefer speed, others prefer accuracy or better reload speed speed. The variety of weapons created by players will best serve the needs of different groups of players. The reward rate remains the same compared to the game's default weapons.

User-designed NFT Skins

Metastrike is breaking the mold for gaming NFTs. Where most games are focused on giving preset characters; we allow players to fully customize their in game skins. Once created, show it off in game. People are always looking for something fresh, and what better way than unlimited options?

Players can not only customize gun skins, but characters and maps too. Giving players additional cosmetics and NFTs to tie to their creations adds a richer experience to retain players every month, but also additional ways to monetize for both the creator and Metastrike.

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