🔫Game Mode: Teammode

The game will generate various playable maps, and players can register to participate in these maps.

  • Number of players: Each match will consist of 20 players divided into 2 teams, with 10 players per team (The player count may expand based on the game's progression and system optimization). The system will automatically assign players to each team randomly. In the guild mode, each team can be a member of a specific guild.

  • Ranking mechanism: After each match, players will be ranked based on their shooting performance, taking into account factors such as:

    • Number of kills (bounties)

    • Headshots

    • Ammunition consumption

    • Body score: Players with lower body scores will be prioritized in case of similar rankings in other criteria. If the body scores are the same, other related factors such as weapons and equipment will be considered (lower scores will be given higher evaluation).

  • Post-match rewards: After each match, the 20 players will receive rewards such as splinters (fragments of uncom/silver/gold/diamond boxes), $MTT, and bonus bounties. Each bounty is equivalent to $MTT 1499 and is distributed among the 10 players in the winning team. The amount of $MTT will be adjusted during the game's operation using a balancing algorithm based on participation fees, the total amount of MTT issued, and other factors.

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