All of the characters in the game are equipped with contemporary gear that offers various features:

  1. Weapons

Currently, there are 15 different types of firearms and 2 different kinds of knives available for the characters. These weapons are categorized into four tiers: Uncom, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The higher the tier, the more powerful and rare the weapon becomes. There is also a common type that is free for users to join the game via the Free-to-Play system, but it cannot be upgraded.

  1. Metal

  • Metal is a rare and valuable resource used to upgrade all items in the game.

  • Metals are divided into four types: Silver Metal,Gold Metal, Diamond Metal, vĂ  Slivin Metal

  • Metals can be purchased at ShopMTS or obtained from boxes containing uncommon, silver, gold, and diamond items.

  1. Helmet-Armor-Gloves-Shoes

  • Players will have the option to choose from a wide variety of forms and skins for each kind.

  • Upgradable

  • Can be acquired from the AssBox or purchased through ShopMTT.

  1. Decorative Accessories: Glasses, T-shirts, pants... Purely for aesthetic purposes, they do not provide any special features.

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